Please Stop Saying “Retarded” or Calling People a “Retard”

These are hurtful words that cut deep The words “retard” and “retarded” are almost never used in context. Instead, these terms are used to get a laugh, make an insult, or insinuate that someone or something is stupid. Unless you have a relative with a profound disability, you may never understand the pain that is … More Please Stop Saying “Retarded” or Calling People a “Retard”

Guns In the Classroom

After dedicating 18+ years of my life to teaching high school before retiring this year, I can say with authority that arming teachers with weapons is a very bad and dangerous idea. While some of my former colleagues may disagree, I assert that only more tragedy will occur on an armed-and-ready-to-shoot campus. Most people who … More Guns In the Classroom