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Honoring the Heroes of the Normandy Invasion

An examination of the American, German, and French Cemeteries In June 2012, I had the privilege of being included in the 2nd annual Albert H. Small Student/Teacher Institute – Normandy: Sacrifice for Freedom. Hosted by the National History Day organization and funded by Albert H. Small, 15 teachers from around the country were selected to … Continue reading Honoring the Heroes of the Normandy Invasion

Were They Premonitions or Manifestations?

Many of my childhood and adult thoughts and visions became my reality Throughout my life, random thoughts I briefly contemplated came to pass as real-life situations. In some cases, they were what I actively wished for; in other cases, they were merely situations I pondered, but did not strive to become my reality. Were these … Continue reading Were They Premonitions or Manifestations?

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