Destroy the Patriarchy!

Republicans, are you really willing to go to the mat with this nominee? Kavanaugh was an entitled young man who sexually assaulted at least one teenage girl while in high school (Dr. Ford), and on his yearbook page, he bragged about having intercourse with another girl (Renate Alumnius) and sexually exploiting other girls (Devil’s Triangle and FFFFFFourth of July). He also glorified anally ingesting alcohol (“have you boofed yet”). Sure, we all partied in the ‘70s and ‘80s, and women from that era know many boys and men like Kavanaugh. Like Dr. Ford, many of us narrowly escaped sexual assault (or didn’t) in those days. Did we contact authorities or tell our parents? Not usually, as the patriarchal society would have blamed us for putting ourselves in a bad situation. Should he be excused for his poor adolescent judgement? Absolutely not. If your daughter is sexually (or physically) assaulted by a teenage boy, would you forgive that action today or ever? NO!

Let’s be clear, women are over it, and we are ready to stand up for our daughters, our granddaughters, ourselves, and ALL women. Misogyny is hopefully coming to an end, and some men will pay for their past actions. They deserve it!

Not all men are pigs. In my experience, half of the men I have known are decent and respectful. The other half are on a continuum ranging from acting mildly inappropriate (Al Franken) to being full-on rapists (Bill Cosby). I have personally been groped countless times, witnessed unwelcomed penis exposures, and have been sexually assaulted. I counseled and empowered my daughters to take full control over their sexuality. I flatly told them that if they wanted to have sex with a man, they needed to have it on their own terms because they wanted it, not just the man, and they needed to use protection. I warned them about guarding themselves from sexually aggressive men.

In Senate testimony, Kavanaugh revealed himself as an emotionally reactionary man and a liar. I frankly worry for his wife, as I would not have wanted to return home with that man.

This is a lifetime appointment that will dictate the legal direction of our nation for decades to come. We need Supreme Court Justices that will be forward-looking in their judgements and not try to turn back the clock to the misperceived “Happy Days” of the post WWII-era.

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