Las Vegas: Home to the Most Ignorant Mayor in the United States

For weeks, Mayor Carolyn Goodman has advocated reopening casinos for business!

This image is a print called “The Promised Land” by the artist De La Nuez showing a young blond man and young blond woman who is wearing sunglasses riding in a red convertible. There is a sign indicating heaven in one direction and Las Vegas in the opposite direction, where the young couple is headed. Jesus is in the background, pointing toward Las Vegas.
This photo was taken by the author and is a print by the artist De La Nuez owned by the author (Joyce O’Day).

During the 11:00 hour today on CNN, Mayor Goodman called Anderson Cooper an alarmist when he pointed out the dangers of opening up Las Vegas casinos to tourists and locals alike.

Our city — like so many others — is paralyzed by the Coronavirus crisis. When a city relies on tourism and a service-based economy, the recovery is going to be hard and SLOW. There is simply no safe way to allow hundreds — or thousands — of people to gather safely in a confined environment.

In Vegas, every night is like Mardi Gras! Anderson Cooper compared Las Vegas to a human petri dish, and Mayor Goodman stated that she wants to volunteer our city to be a test case for the virus: specifically the placebo.

Anderson Cooper called Goodman’s statements ignorant to her face. When Cooper brought up COVID-19 testing and contact tracing, Goodman said she was “not interested.” When asked about maintaining social distancing inside a casino environment, Goodman stated, “That’s up to them to figure out.”

Goodman’s rambling dialogue made no sense and often contradicted her own rationale for opening the city. She brought up how Typhoid Mary spread disease back in her day and how nuclear testing was considered safe decades ago. But when asked if she would go in a casino, Goodman said that she was too busy to go and that she did not gamble.

Mayor Goodman acknowledged that only about 150 Coronavirus deaths have been recorded in Las Vegas. This relatively low death count is because our Governor — Steve Sisolak — ordered the shutdown of all nonessential businesses on March 20, and immediately Mayor Goodman called his action “insanity.” Without Sisolak’s decisive action, thousands more would be dead, not only in Nevada, but around the nation — and world — given the international appeal of our infamous city.

What happens in Vegas, does not stay in Las Vegas when it comes to this disease. Thousands of people are crammed together in the casinos, convention facilities, nightclubs, and sports arenas for which Vegas is famous. In addition, both Goodman and Cooper agreed that air conditioning helps the virus spread, making the enclosed Vegas venues dangerous and deadly environments.

The Goodman dynasty has ruled the mayor’s office for two decades. Carolyn Goodman’s husband Oscar took over City Hall in 1999, and his wife succeeded him in 2011. Before becoming mayor, Oscar Goodman was notorious for being the lawyer to the mob, defending famous gangsters to the like of Meyer Lansky, Frank “Lefty” Rosenthal, and Tony Spilotro. Goodman actually played himself in the movie Casino staring Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, and Sharon Stone. As mayors, the Goodmans have overall done an excellent job in promoting our iconic city. I voted for them every election, and I met Oscar personally when he agreed to be interviewed by my high school students over ten years ago. Sadly, their day is clearly done. One of their sons is a renowned doctor, I wonder what he thinks of his mother’s reckless position?

Given the unique qualities of Las Vegas, for the safety of the nation, it should be the last city to open to the public. This is painful news to my friends and relatives whose livelihood is tied to the casino industry. I applaud Sheldon Adelson, the owner of the Venetian Hotel and Casino for committing to pay all 10,000 of his employees for two months during this crisis. To my knowledge, he has been the most generous of all casino owners. We need the rest of our local billionaires to step up to help Nevada residents survive this catastrophe.

Even if all the casinos opened to the public at the risk of every man, woman, and child in this state, who would come? Californians comprise our largest tourist base and they aren’t coming. Are we eager to invite international — gasp, foreign — tourists? Will our elderly locals come out to play? Or will we be just satisfying the addiction of compulsive gamblers?

Nevertheless, Mayor Goodman is one crazy, dangerous woman.

Let the recall begin!

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