Putin Is A Dangerous Man

Photo of Vladimir Putin with blue and yellow confetti and streamers exploding from his head. There is a black teardrop tattoo under one eye and a banner across his chest that says war criminal. The background is red.
By Kremlin.ruCC BY 4.0Link accessed via Wikimedia Commons. Modified via Adobe Photoshop.

It’s Time For Another Russian Revolution 

The Russian Revolution of 1917 

During the Great War (WWI), 1.7 million Russians died and close to 5 million were wounded (according to the Library of Congress) at the hands of the Germans because they were underfed and under-supplied. Men were actually sent to the front without guns and told to pick up weapons from their comrades who had been killed. Fed up, people began to riot in St. Petersburg. In February, when Tsar Nicholas II ordered his military to fire on the protesters, they refused, and instead began a mutiny against the Tsar. The provisional government that took power was overthrown by the Bolsheviks – led by Vladimir Lenin – in October. The Russian military of today needs to mutiny against Putin.

Putin Has Brought Shame To The Russian People

For the sake of their honor, Russian generals and political leaders need to overthrow Putin. Drag him out or leave him isolated in his lair in the Kremlin to whither away, individuals in the position to act need to do so immediately. Given all the people who have been poisoned at the command of Vladimir Putin, it would be ironic if a neuro-toxin found its way into his borscht. 

Vladimir Putin Is A War Criminal 

Putin has repeatedly lied to the world and to his own citizens. When he could not pull off a believable false-flag event to justify invading Ukraine, he recognized the Republics of Donetsk and Luhansk and ordered their leaders to invite the Russian military into Ukraine to keep the peace. Instead of pretending to liberate the Donbas region of Donetsk and Luhansk, Putin invaded the entire nation of Ukraine bringing death and destruction on innocent people.

Putin’s Invasion Has Failed – So Far

The blitzkrieg did not go as planned. As Russian troops ambled into Ukraine, the Ukrainian population bravely defended their homeland. Due to poor planning, in some areas Russian supply vehicles did not keep up with troops who ran out of fuel. The whole endeavor is a major embarrassment for Putin. He has painted himself into a corner, and cornered animals become dangerous creatures. Putin has three options: retreat, orchestrate a peace with Ukraine, or invoke more destructive tactics.

A Lesson From The Cuban Missile Crisis 

When the Cuban Missile Crisis was underway, President Kennedy resisted rushing to action. He recalled a passage from military strategist B. H. Liddell Hart, “Keep strong, if possible. In any case keep cool. Have unlimited patience. Never corner an opponent, and always assist him to save face. Put yourself in his shoes—so as to see things through his eyes. Avoid Self-righteousness like the devil—nothing is so self-blinding.” Kennedy realized that not only was Nikita Khrushchev checking his strength—or weakness—as a leader, the Russians were scared. Rather than bombing and invading Cuba, Kennedy initiated a blockade after conferencing with both his advisors and his political rivals. The blockade bought time, and eleven days into the conflict, Khrushchev wrote to Kennedy, opening the door for a mutually beneficial resolution, rather than mutually assured destruction. Khrushchev agreed to remove the missiles and Kennedy agreed to never invade Cuba—and to later remove nuclear missiles the U.S. had already set up in Turkey. The key to this successful resolution was allowing Khrushchev to save face. Holiday, Ryan. “Leadership lessons from the Cuban Missile Crisis.” Management Today. October 10, 2019. https://www.managementtoday.co.uk/leadership-lessons-cuban-missile-crisis/leadership-lessons/article/1662045

There’s No Saving Putin’s Face

The time to open a dialogue with Putin was when he was assembling his 200,000 troops on the Ukrainian border. Putin’s demand was clear: Ukraine can never join NATO. The American response was screw you, Ukraine is a sovereign nation that can do as it pleases by holding on to their dream of eventually joining NATO and the EU. Just like the Russians were nervous about nuclear missiles being pointed in their direction from Turkey in 1962, the Russians in 2022 are terrified of NATO forces stationed along their western border. The Biden Administration and NATO neglected to give Putin a face-saving opportunity, and it is too late now. Plus, Putin has shown himself as the power-hungry autocrat that he is—a kleptokrat who has risen to be the richest man in the world while his country remains impoverished. 

The War Is Inspiring Dissent At Home

Thousands of Russians have taken to the streets in protest. So far, 2,700 Russians have been detained (as of February 26, 2:30 PT) for protesting the war. Despite threats from the Russian government, citizens are placing blue and yellow flowers and balloons in public places to show their support for Ukraine. As men return home in body bags, dissent for what Putin calls a “special military operation” in Ukraine will escalate. Older Russians who get their news from state-sanctioned propaganda have no understanding about what is truly going on in Ukraine and are clueless concerning casualty rates. It is conceivable that military units that were hanging out along Ukraine’s borders for weeks had no idea about the extent of the operation. When they were ordered to invade—they did, probably expecting to be greeted as liberators.

Putin Is A Liar and a Hypocrite

Putin has lied to the world—repeatedly. He publicly denied that he was preparing to wage war on Ukraine. He claimed to be drawing down troops when he was increasing them. He asserts that Ukrainians have never been a separate people. He’s made wild accusations of genocide committed against ethnic Russians. And he has gone on TV calling President Zelensky’s regime Nazis and drug addicts. How dare Vladimir Putin call Ukrainians his fellow-Russian brothers and then send his troops in to annihilate their population.

Putin Is A Genuine Threat To The West

The announcement that any state who attempts to intervene in his invasion of Ukraine will endure “consequences as you have never experienced in your history” illustrates the depth of how dangerous Putin is to global stability. Then, on February 25, his spokesperson Maria Zakharova announced serious “military-political repercussions” to Finland and Sweden if they attempt to join NATO. He has proven to be a menace to the world and an embarrassment to the Russian people.

Putin Needs To Be Eliminated 

Just as Putin urged Ukrainians to seize power and overthrow their government, the Russian people need to overthrow Putin. There are plenty of Russians in high and low positions who want him gone. Civilians need to keep protesting in the streets. The Russian military needs to mutiny. Regional politicians need to organize general strikes, and leaders in Moscow with a conscience and a heart need to stand up to Putin and his corrupt oligarchs by staging a palace coup. Now is their time to act. The world will applaud them, and Russia will have the chance to become the country they dreamed of in 1991.

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