Kyiv Will Be Gassed Any Day Now

Photo of French soldier wearing a gas mask in WWI from Wikipedia Commons.

The withdrawal of Russian troops is a bad sign

Get ready for hardcore devastation!

Putin has been humiliated.

The failure of Russian troops to dominate Ukraine has exhausted Putin’s patience. The planned blitzkrieg got stuck in Ukrainian mud, and the entire ordeal is a massive embarrassment to Putin.

Zelenskyy is a hero on the world stage, while Putin has emerged as a liar, a loser, and a butcher. Cities have been destroyed. Civilians have been murdered. War crimes have been committed. The world waits in shock for what will come next. 

Driven into a corner, Putin is ready to make a big move

For days, Russian troops have been withdrawing from the area around Kyiv. The media and the Pentagon propose that Russian troops are headed to Donbas to support their comrades in that region. With Russian troops out of the danger zone, Putin will authorize use of the worst armaments: chemical weapons.

Why not nuke Kyiv?

There has been talk of Putin authorizing the use of a tactical nuclear weapon. He may, but not on Kyiv. As the mother city of the Russian people—the Kievan Rus—Putin will not destroy this historic city, home of iconic churches, cathedrals, and monasteries. Since Putin has wrapped his persona in the veil of the Orthodox Church, he will not level the religious architecture by dropping a nuclear bomb. However, the use of gas will leave the buildings in tact and just eliminate the people.

Syria was the dress rehearsal

In 2013, Russia cooperated with Syria to inundate the Damascus suburb of Ghouta with the nerve agent sarin launched from rockets, and in 2014 helicopters dropped chlorine gas on opposition-led towns causing death and destruction. Images of the horrific casualties shocked the world. After the Assad regime attacked the town of Khan Shaykhun with sarin gas in 2017, “Damascus and Moscow quickly flooded the media with disinformation and outright fabrications, claiming that the opposition itself had launched the attack to falsely accuse the Assad regime” (Arms Control Association). This is classic Putin: Blame your own actions on your enemy!

Prepare yourself—what will befall Kyiv will make Syria look like child’s play

After the human destruction of Kyiv, the Russian military will make its move on Odesa. With the bulk of the Russian army amassed in the south and east, the move on Odesa will be attainable. Hell, given that Odesa has not been physically breached by Russian troops, Putin will probably initiate a chemical attack on Odesa at the same time Kyiv is being humanly destroyed. With the population of both these major cities eliminated, the Ukrainian resistance will likely fold or at least be tamed.

Will this be the beginning of World War III?

I hope I am wrong with my entire theory. Ideally, Ukraine and Moscow will reach a diplomatic agreement on the end of this conflict any day now. Maybe Putin will be satisfied with Crimea, Donbas, and the promise of Ukraine never joining NATO or the EU. Sadly, I doubt it. Putin’s honor, self-respect, and legacy are on the line, and Putin’s thorough propaganda machine has effectively blinded the bulk of the Russian population to the truth of his war. 

Putin is all in on this and the world be damned.

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