Mayflower Kitten Gets a Christmas Home

Eight feral and stray cats have found their way to our house. During the summer of 2008, a stray cat (Mama Cat) had a litter of four kittens under a bush in our front yard. We discovered the kittens when they were about a month old. I affectionately refer to it as “kitten summer,” because … Continue reading Mayflower Kitten Gets a Christmas Home

Remembering Christmas with my Brother

1968 was the second to the last Christmas I shared with my brother. Harvey was 14 years my senior, and in 1970, he died from complications of muscular dystrophy. We were both adopted at birth - from separate birth families. I came into the family around the same time Harvey was transitioning into his wheelchair. … Continue reading Remembering Christmas with my Brother

Comfort Food

We all have that favorite meal from our childhood. The meal that evokes my happiest memories is Ham Soup. My Jewish mother learned to cook from her Polish in-laws, and this dish was a family favorite. (Clearly, my mother had no interest in keeping a kosher kitchen.) Part of the allure of this meal is … Continue reading Comfort Food