Please Stop Saying “Retarded” or Calling People a “Retard”

Family photo of author and her brother Harvey circa 1969. These are hurtful words that cut deep The words “retard” and “retarded” are almost never used in context. Instead, these terms are used to get a laugh, make an insult, or insinuate that someone or something is stupid. Unless you have a relative with a … Continue reading Please Stop Saying “Retarded” or Calling People a “Retard”

It’s Time to Document Your Family’s History

Photo of author’s disheveled photo album taken by author (Joyce O’Day). Coronavirus social distancing is the ideal time to assemble our memories and reach out to our extended family! We have all said it at some point, “I wish I could have one last conversation with mom, or grandpa, or Auntie Anne.” And, as many times as … Continue reading It’s Time to Document Your Family’s History

Comfort Food

We all have that favorite meal from our childhood. The meal that evokes my happiest memories is Ham Soup. My Jewish mother learned to cook from her Polish in-laws, and this dish was a family favorite. (Clearly, my mother had no interest in keeping a kosher kitchen.) Part of the allure of this meal is … Continue reading Comfort Food

Thanksgiving: A New Tradition

Cherished holiday traditions should always hold a place in our hearts, but even greater joy is found in opening ourselves to new customs and practices. As a classroom teacher, Thanksgiving was the hardest holiday to host. It was mad work to get everything done in the 24 hours between 3:00 Wednesday and 3:00 Thursday, even … Continue reading Thanksgiving: A New Tradition