Las Vegas: Home to the Most Ignorant Mayor in the United States

For weeks, Mayor Carolyn Goodman has advocated reopening casinos for business! This photo was taken by the author and is a print by the artist De La Nuez owned by the author (Joyce O’Day). During the 11:00 hour today on CNN, Mayor Goodman called Anderson Cooper an alarmist when he pointed out the dangers of opening … Continue reading Las Vegas: Home to the Most Ignorant Mayor in the United States

The Trump Protest in Las Vegas

Taking On the Donald Almost a thousand of us braved the 110 degree heat yesterday to protest Trump’s visit to Las Vegas. He came to support our total tool of a Senator - Dean Heller - who is considered to have the most at-risk Senate seat. Other celebrated Republican candidates in attendance included Adam Laxalt … Continue reading The Trump Protest in Las Vegas

Guns In the Classroom

After dedicating 18+ years of my life to teaching high school before retiring this year, I can say with authority that arming teachers with weapons is a very bad and dangerous idea. While some of my former colleagues may disagree, I assert that only more tragedy will occur on an armed-and-ready-to-shoot campus. Most people who … Continue reading Guns In the Classroom

Candy Sandwiches

What is every preschooler’s food fantasy? My grandson’s was a candy sandwich. The Birth of the Concept We are blessed with the most adorable Irish twins - ages 4 and 5. They were born one year apart with January birthdays. A couple of months ago, while visiting them, my step-daughter Jenn asked what kind of … Continue reading Candy Sandwiches